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Summer Camp Programs For Girls - Parent Reviews

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Parents can read about our personal reviews about summer programs for Girls

Summer Camp is a great place for girls to learn and develop skills in a variety of activities. Finding the best girls summer camps can become quite an arduous job to research and find the right camp for your child or teenager. Picking the right camp for each camper's personal needs is the key to finding a perfect match for you child's summer. We have visited camps throughout The United States and Europe and are confident that we will be able to find the best match for your child's interests between the ages of 7 - 17.


Girls Summer Camps

The goal of many of the Girls summer programs that we recommend is to involve the Girls in a variety of sports, arts and crafts, theatre, dance and other activities while they make new friends.

Grouping Children:
  • Children are placed in bunks according to their age & grade.
  • Friends can be placed together in most camps. It is not always advisable to place friends together but can be arranged.
  • Campers are placed in groups by their ability level for lessons in tennis, golf, swim, and other non-team sports.
Length of camp
  • Trial week for younger first time campers.
  • Camp sessions run from 2 weeks to full summer.
  • There are camps that have 2 separate 4 week sessions, each with a new group of campers.

Skills and Activities for Campers

The activities these camps provide will teach and improve campers skills in both land and water sports.

Land Sports: Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Horseback Riding, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Golf and more.

Water Sports: Swimming, Sailing, Kayaking, Water Skiing, Canoeing, Wind surfing, Life saving course and more. *Usually Girls are allowed more choices in their schedule as they get older..

Girls Sports Camps Are Popular Throughout the Country

Many girls are sports oriented, so many girls summer programs specialize in sports. These can include team sports such as baseball, Lacrosse, Tennis, and soccer programs, and individual sports like Golf and tennis camps. These are just a few of the available sport programs and our specialist should be able to help you find the perfect camp aimed at your son’s interest. For more information please visit Camp to Campus for more information on the Sports Camp Programs.

The camps we recommend have low counselor to camper ratio's

Camper to counselor ratio is important and we find the best Girls summer camp programs have a ratio around 4:1. This allows for individual attention as well as skill development. The counselors are college students with experience in the activity they lead, and they are supervised by experienced adult teachers and parents.

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The programs we recommend provide safety and supervision

Counselors are with campers all the time. Counselors are college students with expertise in the activities that they teach. Group heads and supervisors staff are all adults with many years of experience in teaching children and caring for campers. They are involved with the campers 24 hours a day. Owners and directors are on the campus and involved with campers and staff the entire summer.

Medical Conditions and Food Allergies

The camps that we refer all have doctors and nurses and are available 24 hours a day and staff the infirmary / wellness center. Children who need to take medication on a consistent basis for any reason will see the nurse and doctor for their medication at a prescribed time. Children with food allergies will be accommodated at most camps. The parents will discuss their needs with the chef and the camp nutritionist/dietician to plan the best way to handle the child's needs. Children who are sick and need to be watched and cared for will stay overnight in the infirmary and the parents are notified. Children who are sick and need to take medication will have their parents notified and consulted with. 

Safety is very important to the owners and directors of Girls summer camp programs. All camps strive to keep their camp equipment in good condition to protect the Girls.

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  4. Considering Sleepaway Camp? - If you want advice on  when to send your child to sleepaway camp and how to choose that camp, the Parents League of New York is a good starting point.

Girls Only Camp Locations

The largest amounts of Girls camps are concentrated in the Northeast Region of the United States.  However camps are located in all parts of the country. Not all states have a selection of sleepaway camp. There are camps in Europe as well, but they differ in form from camps in the United States.


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